Occasionally, you may have difficulty logging in to your LeadSimple account. This is most commonly because you forgot your password, but even if it's caused by something else, the instructions below should help you get logged in every time.


If you forget your password, navigate to the LeadSimple login page. Next, click the "Forgot your password?" link below the "Sign In" button.

Enter the email address associated with your email account in the field that shows up. If your browser auto-completes this field, be sure to backspace the value it inserts there and manually type out your email address. This insures that you use the correct one.

Next, click "Send me reset password instructions" and check your email inbox for an email from LeadSimple. This will contain a link ("Change my password") which you'll need to use to reset your password.

This link will lead you to a page where you can set a new password. Insert the new password you want to use and click "Change my password".

You'll then be redirected back to your LeadSimple account where you can continue working as usual.

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