Distributing Leads by Lead Type

Do you have different types of leads that need to get sent to different teams? For example:

  • Home buyers vs home sellers
  • Tenants vs rental owners
  • Auto insurance vs home insurance
  • Car loan vs home loan

Here's how to do that.

Create Multiple Lead Types

Lead types are like sub accounts within your account. Each lead type has it's own lead sources, team and lead routing settings. Read more about ways to use lead types.

For our purposes we're going to create different lead types for our different categories leads.

STEP 1: Create a New Lead Type

Here's a complete write up on creating and managing lead types.

  1. Click on lead types under settings.
  2. Click 'Add Lead Type' in the top right corner.
  3. Name the lead type and save it.
  4. Select team members to have access to the lead type.

STEP 2: Create New Lead Sources

Read about the basics of importing leads.

Go to the lead sources page under settings and create new lead sources for this lead type.

Make sure you are editing the right lead type. You should see the name of the lead type at the top of the page.

STEP 3: Create a New Notification Order

Go to the 'Notifications & Routing' page under settings and select who you want notified when new leads come in for this product or service.

Make sure you are editing the right lead type. You should see the name of the lead type at the top of the page.

Send Your Leads to The Right Lead Type

Each lead type has it's own set of lead sources.

Send the lead source email to your lead provider to start sending leads to. To find this email, click on the lead source and click the button that says "Automatically import email leads".

Click the 'Copy Email Address' button and provide that to your webmaster or lead provider so that leads can begin to be sent to this email and thus imported into LeadSimple.

Note that you can email instructions directly to the lead provider by entering their email address in the second field and clicking send instructions.

Click done to save your changes.

Important Note

Your lead provider may only allow you to send leads to one email address, in which case you should ideally keep your personal email on file with the lead provider and instead set up a forwarding rule to forward leads into LeadSimple. You can read more about setting up forwarding rules here.

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