Leads can sometimes get stuck at a particular step in a workflow for a number of reasons. A couple examples might be,

  • The lead hits an automatic email step in a workflow but doesn't have an email address so LeadSimple can't send the email.

  • The lead hits an automatic email step and they've already received that email template (maybe you sent it to them manually). 

In either case, the lead is stuck and no follow up happens. LeadSimple helps you avoid those situations by skipping steps.

1. Skip steps when lead is missing necessary contact info

First, click the "Workflow Settings" button inside the workflow you want to edit. 

Next, check the box that says "Lead is missing necessary contact info". Now, call, email and SMS workflow steps will be skipped on leads who are missing the necessary contact info.  The idea is to keep the lead moving through the workflow, rather than allowing them to get stuck. 

2. Skip steps when lead has already received the given email template

In the same window, check the box that says "Lead has already received the given email/text template". 

This ensures that leads don't get the same email or SMS template sent to them twice, which would come across as unprofessional and obtrusive. 

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