Sometimes you might want to prevent a workflow from being applied to new leads that enter that stage of your sales process. For example, you have a stage called "Nurturing Campaign" which contains a sequence of automated emails. You haven't been satisfied with how those emails have converted leads so you want to make changes to the workflow, but don't want new leads who enter that stage to start receiving unfinished emails because you're editing them. 

The easiest way to avoid this is to "pause" the workflow. Here's how to do that.

Click the "Workflow Settings" button at the top of the stage you want to edit. Next, turn off the switch that says "Active (steps will be generated if active)" in the top of the right-hand sidebar. 

Now this workflow will not be applied to any new lead that enters this stage.*

*Note: Pausing a workflow does not pause the workflow for leads already in the stage. If you want to pause a workflow for leads already in a stage, you should create another stage with no tasks, and move the leads into the "empty" stage.

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