The Closed Business Report shows your 

  • # leads,
  • # valid leads,
  • # open leads,
  • # won leads
  • conversion rate, 
  • cost per conversion, and 
  • return on investment (ROI) 

on all the leads you're tracking in LeadSimple.

The filtering options are very flexible, so you can modify the report to answer a host of questions about sales performance.


How many leads have we closed each month this year?

What was our close rate by lead source last year?

How well did each of our team members perform last year?

Tracking Cost and Value Data

For this report to accurately report cost per conversion and ROI, you'll need to add Cost and Value data to your leads. Here's how to do that.

On an individual lead, under the details section, you should see fields for Deal Value and Lead Cost:

  • Deal Value should be the expected Customer Lifetime Value if the deal closes.
  • Lead Cost should be the cost per lead from your lead provider, or simply your average per-lead marketing cost to generate the lead.

You can set an average per-lead cost on each of your lead sources, which will auto-populate this field for you when a lead is created.

See Leads in the Report

You can view the leads the report is referencing in the list just below the report.

Sharing the Report

To email the report to someone, right click on the page, and select Print. Then, choose Save as PDF.

The screenshot above applies if you're using Google Chrome, but other browsers should have this option as well.

This will save a copy of the report to your computer as a PDF, which you can then attach to an email.

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