To activate LeadSimple site tracking, your website manager will need to install a snippet of Javascript code in your website's HTML. See this article for instructions.

LeadSimple's site tracking will track a lead's activity on your website. It will help you answer questions like, "what information is this lead interested in?" and, depending on the configuration of your settings, trigger automatic emails or text messages if a lead visits your website a lot. 

What Will LeadSimple Track?

LeadSimple will track pages leads have viewed. These will appear in a lead's activity feed, very similar to the way LeadSimple tracks email opens and clicks.

You can click on any one of these page views to open the actual page on your website. 

Why is this Useful?

Seeing what pages a lead is looking at on your website shows you what information that lead might be particularly interested in. For example, if a prospect visits an "Investors" page on your website often, you can deduce that they probably own multiple properties. This gives you more context and helps you anticipate and address any concerns they might have when you eventually speak with them on the phone or in a meeting.

Also, you can trigger automatic emails or text messages based on how many times a lead visits your website. In other words, if a prospect is actively engaging with your website content, it's worth sending a brief email asking them if they're interested in a phone call. That could initiate a serious sales conversation that you might have missed otherwise. To read more about this, check out the article on Engagement Triggers.

What Leads will LeadSimple Track?

The software will track page views for all the people who visit your website. However, it can only link a visitor's page views to a lead in your LeadSimple account if this visitor has filled out one of your LeadSimple forms. This means that only some of the leads in your account will show page views in the activity feed, not all leads. 

If a lead does fill out one of your LeadSimple forms, the software will link that lead's page views for the last 12 months to its lead record in your account. Due to the nature of modern web browsers however, it isn't guaranteed that all page views will be tracked. Sometimes, people need to clear their browser cookies and cache and LeadSimple needs both of these things in order to track page views. If this happens, a period of time will pass before the software starts syncing a lead's page views to their lead record again. 

Another thing to note is that LeadSimple can only track your lead's page views from the browser they used to fill out your LeadSimple form. In other words, if a lead filled out the form on their computer and then visited your website on their phone later, those page views would not be linked to that lead's record in LS. Again, this is due to technical difficulties with web browsers.

In the future, we plan to enhance site tracking to track more page views for more of your leads. This article will be updated when those changes are made.

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