In some cases, you might want to send emails to leads from a different email address depending on what lead type they're in. Maybe you run a couple different businesses or have offices in multiple states and have a lead type for each one. If your businesses go under different names and/or domains, you probably want to communicate with leads using an email address unique to that business or office. This is now possible in LeadSimple with very little configuration!

First, go to your profile page by clicking your name.

Next, scroll down to the Email Accounts section. At the top are your connected email accounts (assuming you have already connected 1 or more of them; see here on how to connect your email account) and below that is a list of your lead types with a dropdown on the right side, where you can select your desired email address for each type.

Lastly, make sure that your email accounts are actually connected, then select which email account you want to send from in each lead type. And you're done!

Note that the email address marked "Default Email Address" is the one you will send from by default if you don't change any of the settings in the Lead Types section.

Also note that you cannot currently set a unique email signature for each email account. For now, you have to stick with a generic signature since it will be used on all emails you send. If you still want to have some info in your signature which is unique to a lead type (a phone number or image, for example), you'll need to add that every time you send an email manually.

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