Similar to email templates, SMS templates are a prewritten text message, personalized to any lead (can contain lead's name, property info, etc...), which you can either send manually or automatically using your Stages and Workflows

To start managing these templates, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the leads page, then select "SMS Templates" in the sidebar.

To create a template click the "+" symbol. 

This opens a pop-up window, enabling you to add a name to your template (this will not be visible to leads) and the actual content of your message. 

Note that since this is a text message, try to keep it down to 160 characters or less.

Like email templates, merge tags are available for SMS templates and operate in the same way. Using merge tags, you can personalize your text messages with the lead's name, property address or other personal info. Just click the merge tag icon to view the options and select one.

Hit Save and you're ready to add your new template to the stage and workflow of your choice. See this article if for instructions on how to do this.

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