There are a number of ways to drill down and find the exact set of lead(s) you are looking for.

Applying a Filter

Go to the leads page and click "Add Filter".

Choose the filter you would like to apply. Once the filter is applied, the lead stats above, and the lead list below will be updated.

Calls Made / Emails Sent

Select a range of calls or emails. For example view all leads called 1-3 times.


Select all the leads in certain sales stages.

Filter your leads by status, from Prospect to Won, Lost, or Invalid.


Select from a list of users. This is a great way to see individual agents' sales performance.


Select from a list of lead sources. This is a great way to view lead performance by channel.

Last Touch

Select a time frame for the leads you want to view. Last touch refers to the last time an email or call was made to the lead and recorded in LeadSimple.

Created At / Closed At

Select a timeframe for the leads you want to view.


You can also filter by custom fields.

Sorting Leads

After applying a filter, you can click on any column name to sort the leads alphabetically or chronologically, depending on the column you clicked on.

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