Sometimes, when you are connecting your email to LeadSimple, you may find that the wrong email address connects.

This can happen when you are logged into multiple email accounts on the same browser at the same time, especially with Microsoft or Outlook accounts. (Microsoft sends back the wrong email when LeadSimple requests to connect).

To stop this from happening and to ensure that the correct email will connect:

  1. Log out of any email accounts you may be logged into on your browser.

  2. Log into an incognito browser (press Control + Shift + n if you have a Windows computer and press ⌘ + Shift + n if you are on a Mac).

  3. Sign into LeadSimple from this incognito window.

  4. Go to your profile in your LeadSimple account and follow the steps here to connect your desired email address.

You can then log back into your other email accounts after connecting your desired account to LeadSimple.

If you try this and still are having trouble, reach out to or use the chat-box in the bottom right corner and we'll help you out.

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