There are several reasons your outbound text messages may get split into multiple messages. Find out why below and how to troubleshoot and avoid this.

It is Longer Than 160 Characters

Text messages support a maximum of 160 characters, so if you send a text message longer than that, LeadSimple will split it into multiple messages.

You can also use this message segment calculator from Twilio (the LeadSimple phone provider) to see how many messages your text will be split into. This will allow you to adjust the message accordingly.

It Contains Characters That are Not GSM-7 Compliant

If you paste your message from a Microsoft Word document or text editor, it may include symbols that are not part of the text messaging standard alphabet. Here is a list of characters that are GSM-7 compliant (should not cause your text message to split).

Source: Wikipedia

For technical reasons, these non-compliant characters limit your text message to a maximum of 67 characters. Any more than that, and your message will be split into multiple messages.

LeadSimple will warn you about these non-compliant characters, so you can decide whether to replace them before sending your message.

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