We can import a spreadsheet of contacts into your account on the back end. To ensure that your spreadsheet can be imported, please format it as outlined below before sending it over to support@leadsimple.com.

Note that a contact import is different than a lead import. If these are leads, you'll want to do a lead import by formatting your spreadsheet using the template here.

Keep in mind that this will create a Contact Card for your Contacts but it isn't considered a Lead. The difference is that a Lead is someone with whom you're trying to build a relationship with therefore you can use the contact card for multiple leads.

You can view the standard upload format for a contact import here.

· First Name

· Last Name

· Secondary Name

· Emails (if multiple emails you can separate them by a comma)

· Phones (if multiple numbers you can separate them by a comma)

· Address Street

· Address City

· Address State

· Address Zip Code

· Tags (if multiple tags you can separate them by a comma)

· Custom Last Contact (Month/Date/Year)

· Custom Comments (if multiple comments you can separate them by a comma)

Please note that all records in the spreadsheet will be imported. Duplicates will NOT be detected or removed by the importer. Please check your spreadsheet to ensure the information is correct before sending it over for import.

After you've formatted the spreadsheet, send the data in a .csv file to support@leadsimple.com and we will upload it for you and let you know when the import is completed. 👍

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