Why switch to LeadSimple's Inbox to Help Scout?

If you're reading this, you're probably thinking about, or planning to switch from Help Scout to LeadSimple's Inbox.

As a property manager, there's several reasons why this is a very good idea:

  1. LeadSimple's Inbox is different; it's built for property management and real estate exclusively. Help Scout is not and will not spend the time and resources to make a system that is tailored to the needs of property managers and real estate professionals.

  2. Using Inbox consolidates your CRM, Process Management and Shared Inbox solutions into one centralized workspace. Help Scout is just a shared inbox tool with very little built-in integration, while LeadSimple gives you a birds-eye-view of everything happening in the company, fewer systems to switch between, less data entry, more context, and the ability to provide an excellent customer experience at scale as a result.

  3. Using a software that is built for what you do vs. a vendor like Help Scout that is built to please companies in any industry, will make property-management/real-estate specific software's better and better, making it easier for you to grow, scale, and accomplish the goals you have for your property management business. Industry-agnostic softwares like Help Scout will be much slower to add the tools you need as a property manager/real estate agent, if they do at all.

Switching software platforms can be a time consuming process, involving several exports of data, formatting spreadsheets, and back-and-forth communication. And unfortunately you don't always get the data you need into the new platform.

But there's a better way.

LeadSimple allows you to import your past conversation history from Help Scout through a simple, 4 step process that doesn't involve spreadsheets or hours of data entry.

What data will import from Help Scout?

LeadSimple will import all of your past conversation history in Help Scout. This includes:

  • Emails

  • Voicemails

  • Chat messages (note that LeadSimple does not currently have a chat widget, but we keep your chat messages from Help Scout so you have a complete communication record)

It will properly attribute your emails, voicemails, and chat messages to the correct users who initiated them and the owners, tenants, and other contacts involved in the conversation.

Also, if you're completely new to LeadSimple, you have the option to import your users from Help Scout to ease the set up process. You get to choose which users (if any) you want to import and LeadSimple will create and invite them automatically.

Where will my Help Scout conversations be imported to?

Help Scout conversations will be imported into Inbox.

How long will my import take?

Expect the import to take somewhere between several hours to a few days. The exact time depends on how many conversations you have in Help Scout. For example, if you have 50k conversations in Help Scout, expect it to take around 9 hours to import all of them.

We recommend you do the import on a Friday evening, or just before you leave work on a weekend. This will give it plenty of time to complete the import so you aren't waiting on it during working hours.

To estimate how long it might take, you can find the total number of conversations in your Help Scout account using these instructions:

  1. Go to Reports > All Channels

  2. Choose a time range to filter the conversations; specifically, choose the date range from when you started using Help Scout to today

  3. Apply the filter and you will see the total number of conversations in your Help Scout account


help scout reports


help scout reports time period


how to find the number of conversations in help scout

Setting up the import

This is a simple, 4-step process that will only take you a few minutes.

Step 1: Enter your Help Scout API Key and App Secret

Do the following in Help Scout:

  1. Navigate to "Your Profile"

  2. Click "My Apps"

  3. Click "Create My App"

  4. Enter a Name: "LeadSimple"

  5. Enter a Redirect URL: "https://www.leadsimple.com"

  6. Copy the API Key and App Secret

In LeadSimple:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Inbox Settings > Help Scout Import

  2. Click "Start Help Scout Import"

  3. Enter your API Key into the "API Key" field

  4. Enter your App Secret into the "App Secret" field

Step 2: Select the mailboxes you want to import

Next, choose the mailboxes you want to import into Inbox from Help Scout.

LeadSimple will automatically create inboxes for each mailbox you select.

Step 3: Match Help Scout users with LeadSimple users

To ensure we attribute conversations to the right users in LeadSimple, map the users in your Help Scout account to users in your LeadSimple account.

Here are the options you have:

  • Match with an existing user in LeadSimple - Attributes all conversations this person is involved in in Help Scout to an existing user in LeadSimple (you choose which user).

  • Create a new user - A new user is automatically created in LeadSimple with the same name and email address as the Help Scout user. Conversations this person is involved in in Help Scout will be attributed to the new user in LeadSimple. They automatically receive an invite to your LeadSimple account as a limited access user (not an admin).

  • Don't import - LeadSimple won't import the user at all. Their conversations from Help Scout will still be imported, and any of their emails, notes or chat messages will be attributed to them. But their conversations will be left unassigned in LeadSimple's Inbox.

Our Recommended Mapping Choices:

  • Choose "Match with existing user" if the user in Help Scout already exists in LeadSimple.

  • Choose "Create a new user" if the user in Help Scout does not exist in LeadSimple yet.

  • Only choose "Don't Import" if the user in Help Scout is not actively using Help Scout and/or will not be using LeadSimple.

Step 4: Finish connecting your email inboxes

Just one more step to go! LeadSimple created inboxes for you for each Help Scout mailbox you chose to import, but you need to finish connecting the email inboxes in order to send and receive emails from them.

This is easy.

  1. First, click the "Finish connecting email accounts" button in the stepper window you've been using to set up the Help Scout import.

  2. On the page it directs you to, follow these instructions to connect a shared email inbox (ignore the part about navigating to the "Company Settings" page; you can follow the steps from the page you're on at this point: Inbox Settings > Email & Phone Channels)

Then you're done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this tool sync my data back to Help Scout?

No. This is an import tool only. LeadSimple will only pull the data from Help Scout; it won't sync any data back.

Can I import from Help Scout more than once?

Yes, you sure can! If you imported from Help Scout once but didn't make the switch to LeadSimple's Inbox right away you can do the import over again.

If you do the import again, LeadSimple will only import new conversations, notes, etc... since the last time you imported. It won't import duplicate data 🙂

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