Do you work in different markets and need a unique email signature for each of these?

Great news: now you can set a unique email signature for each email address you have connected to LeadSimple! Read on to find out how. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Customizing Signatures From Your Profile Page

To customize an email signature from your profile page, navigate to the profile page (under the search bar), then scroll down until you see your connected email account. (Find instructions here on how to connect an individual account or a shared account).

Click on the settings icon.

Click the signature dropdown.

Toggle this switch on.

Write your email signature, then click "Save."

You're all done!

Customizing Signatures From Your Company Page

If you want to customize a signature on a shared email account, you can do so from your Company page under Settings.

Click on "My Signature," and toggle this setting on.

Write your signature, click "Save," and you're done!

Removing a Custom Signature

If you ever want to revert this custom signature, simply navigate to your connected email account, click on the settings gear, and toggle off the the custom signature.

Click "Save," and you're done!

If you have questions, please chat us or email, and we'll be happy to help!

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