When sending emails and texts on a Lead or Process, you may want them to be sent to everyone involved in that deal or process. For example, all owners of a property may want to receive updates from you about a given process.

In other cases, you may only want certain contacts to be included on outgoing emails and texts. A common example is the late rent (aka delinquency) process where only financially responsible tenants should receive emails about late rent.

In each Pipeline and Process type, you have the option to choose which Contacts outgoing communication by default.

From LeadSimple, navigate to Settings > Process Type Settings (or Pipeline Settings)

Go to the "General" tab.

Scroll down to "Communication" and customize the two toggles:

  1. Send Manual Communications To Primary Contacts Only - OFF by default.

  2. Send Automatic Communications To Primary Contacts Only - ON by default

This feature is available on all current pricing plans.

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