Let's say you just created a second lead type in LeadSimple for the new property management office you're opening up in Austin TX. Since you'll be using that lead type to manage property management leads just like the your first lead type ("Jackson MS"), it would be nice to be able to copy all the stages from your Jackson lead type into "Austin" to avoid having to build all of those workflows again. The instructions below will walk you through this process. 

NOTE: If you have a lot of leads in a given lead type, moving all those leads into different stages with different workflows could potentially cause big problems. In that case, LeadSimple may disable this feature for your safety. Contact us if you run into a situation where LeadSimple preventing you from performing this action.

Choose "From" Lead Type

First you'll need navigate to the Stages and Workflows page of the lead type you want to clone stages into (Settings > Stages and Workflows). In the case of the above scenario, this would be your stages and workflows for "Austin". You can use the blue dropdown button in the top left of the header on this page to switch between the stages and workflows for each of your lead types. 

Once you're there, click the "Clone Stages From" button in the top right of the page.

Now, select the pipeline (e.g. Lead Type) you want to copy stages and workflows from. In the scenario, "Jackson MS" contains the stages and workflows we want to clone so we'll select that.

Choose Stages
Next, choose the stages you want to copy into your other lead type. Since I just want to duplicate my "Jackson" stages and workflows, I'll just select all of them. Once your finished, click "NEXT".

Map Your Stages
Now it's time to map the stages from our "Jackson" lead type to corresponding stages in our "Austin" lead type. In my case, I want to completely replace my "Austin" stages and workflows so I've mapped each one to be replaced by similar stages from "Jackson MS". 

Alternatively, you could choose to only replace some of your stages. For example, if I wanted to keep both my "Austin" nurturing stages since I wanted those to be slightly different from "Jackson", I would simply choose to keep them by clicking the "Replace with..." text/button and selecting "Keep". When you're ready, click "NEXT" for the final step.

Confirm Your Choices
The final step will show you how you chose to map your stages in the previous step and will prompt you to confirm your decisions. Since all leads that are in your old stages will now be moved over to the new stages after you click "Confirm and Clone", LeadSimple gives you the option to select the general point a leads should be placed in their new workflows. Since I don't have any leads in my "Austin" lead type yet, I selected "at the beginning of the new workflow". You might consider choosing the second option if you have leads who are currently working through the old workflows. 

Once you've confirmed your choices, click "Confirm and Clone!" to finish. Now all my stages and workflows from "Jackson MS" have been cloned into "Austin" and I'm ready to start working with new leads in that lead type.

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