If you haven't read about LeadSimple's workflow sharing function yet, check out this article before continuing.

If a LeadSimple workflow is shared with you by a friend or colleague, you have to clone it into your account before you can use it. That's what we'll focus on in this article.

Open the Shared Workflow

First, we'll need the link to the shared workflow. If your friend or colleague sent the link to you via email, find/open that email and open the link in your browser. This will open a page where you can preview the content your friend has shared with you. Following the scenario in the previous article on sharing workflows, we (John Smith) can see that Matt has shared the "New" stage from his sales process with us.

Before we clone this into our account, let's take a look at the workflow this stage includes, just to make sure it's something we want to try. To do this, just click on the stage.

We can see that the workflow includes a series of calls interspersed with several emails, one of which is an email template. While we can't view the email template on this page, we can read a small snippet of it by clicking on the "Email Templates" tab.

Cloning the Workflow into Your Account

It's sometimes hard to know if something is good until you've tested it, but this workflow looks pretty good to me so we'll clone it into our account by clicking the blue, "Clone" button in the upper right corner.

This opens another pop-up window which will walk us through the cloning process. 

Step 1: Choose a Lead Type

The first step asks you what lead type (aka "pipeline") you want to clone this stage into. We'll select the "PM Owners" lead type since that's where this stage will be most applicable.

Step 2: Select the Stages to Import

Next, it will ask us what stages we want to import. Since this workflow only includes the "New" stage, we'll check that box and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Decide what to do with Current Stages

Third, we'll be prompted to decide what to do with the stages we currently have set up in our "PM Owners" lead type. Essentially, we're being asked if we want to replace any of our current stages with the stage that we're cloning in (stage "New").

LeadSimple has auto-suggested that we replace our current "New" stage with the new version of it that our friend Matt shared with us. In this case, we'll opt to keep both stages instead of replacing them so I'll change "Replace with New" to "Keep" by clicking on that text and selecting the appropriate option.

Click "Next" to proceed to the final step.

Step 4: Confirm your Choices

Lastly, confirm that your choices are correct and click "Confirm and Clone" to finish this process.

This will redirect us to the stages and workflows page of the lead type we cloned the our colleague's "New" stage into. We'll go ahead and retire our previous "New" stage without deleting it by dragging and dropping it to the end of our "Lead Stages" list and renaming it to "New (Old Stage)". We'll leave the "New" stage from our colleague as the first one in our the "Lead Stages" section.

And that's the last step in the cloning process. Thanks to the generosity of our colleague, we're now set up to win with a tried-and-true sales process for new leads.

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