LeadSimple enables you to share your sales stages, workflows and email/sms sequences with your friends and colleagues. "Why would I want to do that", you might be asking. Well here's why.

Let's say you have a good relationship with some colleagues who are running their businesses in different markets from your own. Perhaps you've become very successful in your market while using a particular sales process. You've been fine tuning it for a number of years and it's now at the point where things are working like clockwork (more or less). Your colleague friends are doing alright in their market but aren't performing quite at the level they could be. In light of that fact, you'd like to give them a hand.

An effective sales process is absolutely essential to growing your business efficiently and cost-effectively so sharing your fine-tuned sales process with them could be the key that unlocks growth for them and their business. 

In this article, we'll explain how you can do that inside LeadSimple.

Sharing a Workflow: First Steps

Continuing to build on our scenario above, let's assume that you have had great success with your sales process for new leads. The first contact you make with a lead has a huge impact on the the likelihood you have of converting them down the road and you've found a method that works really well. 

The first step to sharing this workflow is to navigate to the stages and workflows page. Since we're talking specifically about property management, owner leads right now, we're going to select "Owners" from the dropdown in the header on this page.

We're now looking at the stages for our owner's sales process. 

Creating an Editable Copy

The next step is to create a separate, editable copy of the workflow. To do this, start by clicking the "Share this Workflow" button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

This will generate the editable copy of workflow we need here. You can now make any changes to these stages/workflows, email templates and other content included here without effecting your live account. Simply click on the tab of the content you want to edit and make all the changes you need to.

Since we only want to share the "New" stage with our colleague, I'm going to remove all the other stages from this list.

Sending a Shareable Link

Now it's time to send our "New" stage, workflow and email templates to our colleague. To do this, click the "Share" button in the upper right corner of the page. This will open a pop-up window which contains the shareable link and an interface to send an email to your friend straight from LeadSimple. 

Click "Copy Link" to copy the link to your clipboard. There are two options you can use to send the link. 1) You can paste it into a new email inside your email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) and send it to your friend along with an explanation of what the workflow contains and why you think he should try using it. 2) You can send him an email directly from this pop-up window by entering his email address in the second field. For the sake of simplicity, we're going to use option 2 here.

Note that you could send this link to multiple colleagues at the same time by entering several email addresses in this field and separating them by commas.

Finally, we'll click "Send Invitations" to complete the process. Our colleague will get an email in their inbox with the shareable link to our shared workflow.

Now, this workflow is no good to our colleague unless he's able to use it inside his LeadSimple account. Read this article to learn how to clone shared workflows into your account.

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