If you haven't already, read this article to get an overview of the SMS and Inbound Call Tracking addon, before continuing.

A marketing number is the second type of number you can provision in LeadSimple. This process is very similar to provisioning an Agent Number (see this article for info on agent numbers). 

Remember, marketing numbers are connected to one of your lead sources. An example use case would be putting this number on your website so that all calls made to that number are tracked in LeadSimple, helping you judge the effectiveness of your website as a marketing source. All calls made to a Marketing Number can be routed to 1 or more users, while Agent Numbers can only be assigned to one user. Note that Marketing Numbers cannot make outbound calls or send/receive text messages.

First, click "Provision a Number" and select "Get a Marketing Number".

2. Next, search for the number you want and select it.
3. Select the lead type (e.g. Owners, Realtors) these leads should be created in and the lead source they should be connected to (i.e. where leads see this phone number. Your website, for example).
4. Last, select the users you want to route all calls made to this number to and click "Purchase".

Now you can put this phone number on your website, a postcard mailer or some other lead-generation source you use and start tracking calls made to the number in LeadSimple. See here for an explanation of Call and SMS reporting.

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