If you haven't already, read this article to get an overview of the SMS and Inbound Call Tracking addon in LeadSimple before continuing. This will provide you with the context you need for this article.

There are two types of numbers you can provision through LeadSimple, Agent and Marketing numbers. This article will focus on agent numbers but see here if you want to read more about marketing numbers. Agent numbers are meant to be assigned to specific agents who use LeadSimple, allowing them to send and receive text messages with leads and receive and track inbound phone calls made to that number.

The first step in provisioning an agent number is clicking "Provision a Number". This will activate a pop-out window containing an explanation of the different types of numbers available to you: agent numbers and marketing numbers. 

After you decide what type of number is right for you, click the respective button for that number. In this example, we're going to get an agent number

Next, you'll be asked to search for an area code. Simply type in the 3-digit area code you want and then click on one of the numbers that appear.

Numbers are available in almost every area code in the U.S. However, you may occasionally search for an area code and not get any results. In that case, search online for "area codes in <your state's name here>". That should bring up some websites which contain lists of the area codes for your state.

Now you'll need to choose the user you want to route the calls and/or text messages made to this number to and the lead type you want to create these leads in.

Finally, click "Provision Number" and voila!, you now have a number that can send and receive text messages and receive and track inbound calls. These calls and texts will be routed to the agent(s) assigned to them and recorded on the respective lead record inside LeadSimple.

The phone number table will display the call minutes and text messages for each number. You can filter this data by some preset time frames using the dropdown button on the right hand side of the page.

If you want to generate a number to use on your website, a direct mail campaign or the like, check out this article on provisioning marketing numbers.

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