With Inbound Phone numbers, you can send, receive and track text messages in the system in addition to receiving and tracking inbound phone calls (see the link above for more info on inbound call tracking). 

There are 2 ways to send a text message: manually on a lead record or automatically, via adding SMS steps to your workflows. 

1. Send SMS Manually

If you have provisioned an inbound phone number, you can send text messages to leads from the lead page in LeadSimple in the same way that you send emails. 

You'll  see a button next to "Send Email" that says "Send SMS". Click that, write your text message and hit send. 

This message will be tracked in the activity section of the lead record just like emails and outbound calls are.

1.2 Send SMS Manually with Template

To save time you can write SMS templates for common text messages and then send them manually from using virtually the same steps above. Click "Send SMS" on a lead's record, click the "+ SMS Template" button, and select a template. This will insert the template into the editor. Click "Send" and you're done. 

Note: Templates can be created on the SMS Templates page found under Settings in the sidebar.

2. Send SMS Automatically

You can send text messages automatically by adding them to workflows. 

You'll first need to create an SMS template. This page is located under "Settings" in the sidebar. (Read more about creating SMS templates here)

This process is the same as creating an email template. Like email templates SMS templates can contain merge tags with personal information about the lead like their name or property address. 

Now, go to the workflow of one of your stages and click the blue SMS step to add a text message to the workflow (see here for a refresher on how to do this). Next, attach your new sms template to it and then set the task to "Auto". Last, assign this task to a user who has an inbound number assigned to them since text messages can only come from users with inbound phone numbers.

Receiving Text Messages

When a lead sends a text message to an inbound phone number, the user who has that inbound number assigned to them will receive an email with the name of the lead in listed as the sender, or "from" section, and the content of the text message. 

Users can respond to that text either on the lead's page in LeadSimple or, you can reply to it directly from your email inbox.

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