Creating a New Lead

Here's how to create a new lead manually. (Read how to automatically import leads.)

The first step is to click on the 'Create Lead' button on the main leads dashboard.

This will take you to the create a lead form where you can enter information about the lead.

Additional notes about these fields:

  • Name - First and last
  • Email - Only one can be included
  • Phone - Add multiple, mark each as mobile, office or home.
  • Cost - Cost of the lead.
  • Source - Where the lead came from (drop down is pre-populated)
  • Tags - Free form text that leads can be grouped and sorted by.
  • Comments - Important notes about the lead.

You can expand the form to view property fields by clicking on "+ Add Property Details":

At the bottom of the form are assignment options:

The first option will assign the lead to the person creating the lead, the second option will route the lead to your team according to the notifications and routing page.

Hit save when you are done.

You can also get to this page from anywhere in the app by typing into the search box in the top left and then clicking on the link that says "Add Lead".

Editing a Lead

After creating a lead, you can edit the lead from the lead record.

Edit Name

Click the name of the lead to edit it.

Edit Assignee

Click on the name of person the lead is assigned to in the top right to assign the lead to a different person (Read more about reassigning leads).

Edit Property Details

Click on the pencil icon to edit. Click on the check mark to save and X to cancel edits.

The property address is clickable and links to google maps. Property information from zillow is automatically added to the lead along with links to details and comparable property pages on

Edit Comments

Click on the pencil icon to edit. Click on the check mark to save and X to cancel edits.

Edit Contact Info

Click on the pencil icon to edit. Click on the check mark to save and X to cancel edits.

  • Email - The email address is clickable as a mailto link.
  • Phone - The original phone number(s) is listed on top in blue, the LeadSimple tracked phone number is below it.
  • Social - Social profiles from LinkedIn and Twitter are automatically added based on the lead email.
  • vCard - A downloadable vCard link is present.

Edit Details

All of these fields auto save as soon as they are changed.

Upload Attachments

Within the details section is a link to upload files to the lead record. Common document and image formats are accepted. The file size limit is 10mb.

Deleting a Lead

At the bottom right of the page is the delete lead button which is only accessible to admins.

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