LeadSimple automatically tracks emails you send and receive from leads:

  1. Sender / Recipient - Who sent and received the email.
  2. Transcript - View a copy of the email.
  3. Opens - When the email was opened by the recipient.
  4. Clicks - When the recipient clicked on links contained in the body of the email.

Three Ways To Send Email

In App Email Client

Click on the blue 'Send Email' button on a lead record to open an email compose window.

Additional notes about these fields:

Mail To Link

There are two mailto links on the lead record.

The "Open in email client" button in the email compose window

The original email listed under the contact info section,

If you click on either the system will open a compose window in your default email client.

Read how to set Gmail or Outlook as the default email client for mailto links.

The compose window that get's opened will automatically use the tracked email address for the lead so that the email and any responses it generates are all documented in LeadSimple.

Sending from Your Email Client
This requires you to connect your email account. Read the article on Connecting your Email Account for more details on how this works.

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