Importing Leads

Importing leads into LeadSimple works by forwarding emails to a unique email address for each lead source.

Creating A Lead Source

The first step is to create a lead source on the lead sources page found under settings.

Click 'Add Lead Source' on the lead sources page.

Enter a lead source name such as 'Company Webiste', 'Ad words', 'Referral', Zillow, ServiceMagic, etc.

If you will be receiving leads by email from this lead source click on the button 'Automatically import email leads'.

Click the 'Copy Email Address' button and provide that to your webmaster or lead provider so that leads can begin to be sent to this email and thus imported into LeadSimple.

Note that you can email instructions directly to the lead provider by entering their email address in the second field and clicking send instructions.

Click done to save your changes.

Your lead provider may only allow you to send leads to one email address, in which case you should ideally keep your personal email on file with the lead provider and instead set up a forwarding rule to forward leads into LeadSimple. You can read more about setting up forwarding rules here.

Watch Video Tutorial Below

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