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Setting up Call Notifications

LeadSimple will automatically call you every time you receive a new lead. The call you receive will provide with you with information about the lead and prompt you to press 1 to initiate a call to the lead.

STEP 1: Add Yourself to The Notification Order

Go to the notifications and routing page under settings.

Add yourself to the call order.

Make sure you have the call notification option active.

STEP 2: Review Call Notification Settings

At the bottom of the notifications and routing page, click on the text that says, "Phone Notification Settings ".

Note the following:

  1. Setting Call Hours - Email and text notifications go out 24x7, but you can limit the hours of the day that phone notifications are sent. Use the slider to modify the window for the days and hours you want to be called.
  2. Postponing Calls - When selected, this allows agents to have the option to stop the call order from progressing and instead have the system call them back later. Most users keep this option off.
  3. Modify Call Notification Script - You can modify the lead details that get read off on the call when you are notified about new leads. You can press 1 at any time to skip the details and call the lead.

Test The Notification Order

Test your notification order by clicking on the blue button that says, "Send Test Lead" on the notifications page.

This will trigger the call order with a test lead sending out a call, email or text depending on which options you have active.

You will always be called or texted from the from the same phone number (972) 360-9314. Add this phone number to your contacts in your mobile phone so that you recognize it when you get the call.

Set up Email Notifications

Email notifications contain all the information from the original lead notice as well as additional enriched data.

Go to the Routing and Notifications page under settings, add yourself to the notification order and make sure the email notification option is active.

You'll now receive an email notification when leads are imported into your LeadSimple account. You will also be sent a lead assignment email notification when a lead is automatically assigned to you.

Set up SMS Notifications

SMS notifications contain basic contact details and a link to trigger a call.

Go to the Routing and Notifications page under settings and go through the same process as you did for email and call notifications.

The link contained in the text message notification enables you to initiate a phone call to the lead. If you click on that link LeadSimple will call you, and then the lead.

Note: For security purposes this link will only work for a certain number of hours. After that point the link will still work but the option to click to call will no longer function.

Lead Assignment Notification

When an agent calls a lead, and that lead is automatically assigned them by lead simple, that person will receive and email notice that looks like this:

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