Sales stages are the 'buckets' that leads fall into as they move through the sales process. Every single lead you receive goes through the same basic set of stages, or milestones on their way to either being won or lost.

If a lead fails to advance to the next stage, the sale is either stalled or dead.

Learn more about why sales stages are critical to sales success in our webinar, "Designing A Killer Sales Process".

Customizing Stages

At a high level, leads are either in an open stage, meaning they're still being worked, or in a closed stage, meaning they've reached some kind of definitive conclusion such as won or lost.

Beyond that, LeadSimple provides five buckets, or statuses:

  • Prospect - Leads that are cold and require longer term follow up.
  • Lead - Warm leads your actively trying to contact, pitch or close.
  • Client - For won leads.
  • Lost - Self-explanatory.
  • Invalid - Bogus leads, spam, vendors, etc.

Click on the 'Stages & Workflows' link under settings.

Click the menu on the right-hand side of any stage to rename it.

Change the order of the stages by clicking and holding the drag handle on the left and moving the stage to a new position.

Add new stages by clicking on the plus sign next to the Status name.

Updating The Stage of Each Lead

Keeping each lead's stage up to date is critical. Any user should be able to look at their list of leads and immediately recognize where the lead is at in your sales process, what followup has already happened and what needs to be done next based on the stage each lead is in.

Change Stages From The Lead Record

Go to the lead you want to update. Click on the current stage, found under the lead's name and select a new stage from the drop down menu.

Change Stages From The Lead Table

Go to the leads page and click on the stage of a given lead then select a new stage from the drop down menu.

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