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How to Create a Monthly Tasks Process or To Do Tasks Process
How to Create a Monthly Tasks Process or To Do Tasks Process

Learn how to build a process for recurring monthly tasks or all your miscellaneous tasks you need to accomplish.

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You likely have a lot of tasks you need to do each month, that aren't related to specific properties, owners, or tenants. For one-off tasks, you can create a to do tasks process. For monthly recurring tasks, you can add a monthly tasks process.

This article will show you how to add both of these processes.

Create a To Do Tasks Process

Copy the To Do Tasks process into your account from the Library to get started, then watch the video below to get a summary of how the process works. You can use this to store all your miscellaneous tasks (like a to-do list)!

Create a Monthly Recurring Tasks Process

This video shows how you can clone our Monthly Recurring Tasks process in from the Library for monthly tasks you do each month, have them fall due on the correct date of the month, assign them to specific users, and set reminders for the tasks.

Note: don't forget to use automatic "create process" tasks to have the process trigger itself over again every month!

Note that there is now a process template in the Library in LeadSimple to help you get started with your own monthly recurring tasks process!

If you have any questions after reviewing these videos, please chat us via the chat icon in your account or email and we'll be happy to help!

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