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Process Visualization / Flow Chart (Experimental Feature)
Process Visualization / Flow Chart (Experimental Feature)
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This is an experimental feature that attendees of LSU received exclusive access to in Dec. 2023. Access to the feature is currently limited to those people. We are actively working on it and expect it to be generally available at some point in the near future.

"A picture says a thousand words" as they say, and this is certainly true for processes!

That's why we're working on a process visualizer to show your processes in a flow chart format.

This will make it easier to see how a process flows to a) make sure it's built the way you want, and 2) be more confident in the processes you're running.

Here's a sneak peak of what this experimental feature looks like (Dec. 2023).

Click on the Globe 🌐 in the upper right corner of a process.

You'll see a flowchart that looks like this.

The boxes are the stages of the process.

The box with a dashed line is the stage the process you are looking at is currently in.

The question marks ❓ indicate conditional logic that moves the process to a different stage based on a specific condition.

Click any of the stage boxes to view the steps in that stage.

Completed tasks are indicated in green βœ…

If there are any communication tasks in the stage you're previewing, you can click them to read the contents of the email/text template.

This is an experimental feature, so there will be some significant changes to it in the near future. Take note of that if you are one of the few with early access to it.

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