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Your Inbox 2.0 Questions Answered!
Your Inbox 2.0 Questions Answered!

We launched the new and improved Inbox 2.0, gathered some of your burning questions and answered them here!

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➡️ Do I need to “activate" Inbox 2.0 if I am already using inbox?

If you are already using Inbox, you already have access to Inbox 2.0! When you log into your account, you’ll see the new interface.

‍Inbox Setup

➡️ If we are departmental, would you suggest all departments go into one inbox or per department?

A great way to handle this is to have departmental emails and have separate Inboxes for each of those. Example: sales@, leasing@, accounts@ etc.

➡️ Inbox isn't replacing the existing email clients like Outlook and Gmail, correct?

No, LeadSimple does not replace your Email service. The LeadSimple Inbox is a tool that requires an existing email address. You’d be simply connecting those email clients to our shared Inbox tool.

➡️ Does this inbox also work with calls, voice messages and text messages? Is it possible to assign voice mails, text messages and calls?

It is, yes! Calls and text messages are a first class citizen in Inbox, just like emails are. Emails are more mainstream, so that’s why we mostly talk about it, but phone calls work too!

C‍onversation Assignment

➡️ If I share an email with a team member, will I still have the thread in my inbox?

You will! The message will be shared to their Inbox and also stay in yours.

➡️ Is delegating an email based on the email address of the sender? If yes, are all future emails from that sender being rerouted to the delegate?

Emails sent to Direct Email Accounts (and no one else) will get assigned to the owner of the account. Delegation is currently (mostly) a manual process. Future emails to shared accounts will currently not get auto-assigned.

➡️ Any possibility of auto-assignment coming soon? Our current shared inbox system has automations. For example, an email from a specific vendor’s address with a PDF attachment and the subject includes “invoice” gets automatically assigned to a specific accounts payable team member.

Inbox doesn’t do this yet, but we see a lot of opportunity here and are actively looking into it. Assigning based on customer type (owner, tenant), property group, conversation topic, subject line/keywords and more, are all under consideration.

➡️ Once we reassigned the message to another team member, if we click resolved, will the other team mate still see it?

They will be able to see it, yes, but they’ll need to change their filters to “Resolved”. We suggest you don’t resolve it until it’s actually been resolved.

➡️ If a non-automated email is sent out to a tenant from a shared inbox, will the reply be assigned to that user or does it stay unassigned so anyone can claim it?

The conversation will be assigned to the sender.

➡️ Is there a way where we can see if a message has already been assigned without opening it like we did before?

You can see the filters on the left, so you can choose to see only unassigned messages you want too. It is true you cannot see that information at a glance anymore from the “All conversations” view.

Sender Email Addresses

➡️ If I am out of the office and a team member decides to answer an email that lives in our shared inbox, will this appear as sent from their email or our shared email?

If they have access to your shared email, they can choose which email they want to use! They’ll be able to reply from any of the email addresses they have access to.

Linking Contacts, Properties, and Processes

➡️ I saw that you can start a new process from an email - can you link to an existing process the same way?

You can do this! In the bottom right hand corner, you'll see "related processes" with a plus sign where you can list processes that exist already.

➡️ What if the owner has 20 properties? Does it attach all 20 to the message? Or none?

It will connect all 20 and show all of them on the Inbox chat.


➡️ How can we view the message in full screen? (i.e. without having the side bar on the left with other emails)

That’s not possible at the moment, but we’re working on some upgrades to allow you to toggle the left/right sidebars

➡️ I use tags to “file” emails and then close/resolve them. Some of those emails are within my direct email, not shared. Does tagging a direct email then make it visible to all? If so, what is the workaround so I can “file” emails without others being able to see them?

Tagging someone won’t make it available for that person. Assigning will.

➡️ If you sent a reply and marked an email as resolved, does a new incoming response to that change it back to unresolved? Trying to think about how we could have people designated to look at unresolved messages so that they didn’t get abandoned.

It does, yes! It will pop back up on your Unresolved tab.

➡️ What is the best way to search through sent emails?

We use a new feature called Keyword search to help you search for information and the results will be presented in chronological order. Here is an article on the best way to do this.

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