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Migrating to the Direct Rent Manager Integration from the PMSync Integration
Migrating to the Direct Rent Manager Integration from the PMSync Integration

Follow these steps to migrate to the direct Rent Manager integration! πŸŽ‰

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How to Migrate from PMSync to the Direct API integration with Rent Manager

Why It Matters: Our PMSync integration with Rent Manager is retiring on July 15, 2024. After that date, your data will stop syncing from your PMSync reports.

Update to the direct integration today to keep your data syncing seamlessly and get access to all our latest features and future updates!

What Do I Need to Do? Simply follow the instructions below to get set up with the direct API integration with Rent Manager and merge your data seamlessly! Please follow the instructions carefully.

Where Can I Get Help? We're here to assist so please reach out to and we'll help you out.

This article is relevant to you if you originally integrated your LeadSimple account with Rent Manager using PMSync and are transitioning over to our direct integration with their API.

If you are a new account and just looking to get started with the direct API integration, go here!

Now let's get to it!

Migration Steps:

Step 1: Update Your LeadSimple Account to the Latest Operations Plan if Needed

If you are using PMSync, you are likely still on a legacy Operations plan. You will need to upgrade your plan to get access to the direct integration with Rent Manager (as well as all of our other recently released features!)

You can upgrade your plan at this link:

Step 2: Connect the Direct Data Integration

Next, you need to activate the LeadSimple integration in your Rent Manager account.

Follow the steps in this article to activate and setup your integration.

IMPORTANT: Do not pause your PMSync integration until you have completed the following step to merge your data!

Step 3: Merge Your Data & Delete the Old Pipelines!

The next step is to merge your data from the previous PMSync integration with the new data syncing over through the direct API integration!

Go to and the duplicate merging tool will show you properties and contacts that need to be merged.

For each duplicate pair, you can select the winner and click Merge.

Run the merging tool on each of the following in this order:

  • Contacts matching on email

  • Properties matching on name (or address line 1 if you don't use property names)

  • Leads matching on contact and property

Once you've done that you will be good to go!

You will notice that LeadSimple will have marked your old PMSync pipelines as (Old) Rent Manager Owners, etc. Once the merge tool is complete, you can choose to either keep those pipelines or delete them, as all the data will be fully merged into your new records syncing from Propertyware.
🚨 Note: please DO NOT select a pipeline to move the records into when deleting the old PMSync pipelines. Selecting another pipeline will create duplicates in your account. It's okay to leave that field empty so they will be fully deleted as the data has already been merged.

You will also receive the leads in an export to your email account.

Got stuck? We're here to assist with this process so please reach out to and we'll help you out!

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