Recording calls is an incredibly useful training tool for monitoring how agents are interacting with leads, and reminding you of past conversations you've had. You might notice however that only some of your calls are being recorded. Read below to learn why and how to change this setting at any time.

Activate Call Recording

Go to the company page under settings.

Click on Call Recording Settings and review the call recording options.

The first option is self explanatory. If this is selected, no calls will be recorded.

What the second option means is that LeadSimple will only record calls made to states where the law only requires that one party on the call be notified the call is being recorded. If this is selected, this is why only some of your calls are being recorded.

If you choose the third option, to record all calls, it is your responsibility to notify the other party that the call is being recorded. You can read more about call recording laws here.

Review Call Recordings

Call recordings can be found in the activity feed of individual leads.

Download Call Recordings

To download call recordings, click the call activity to expand it. Click the "..." icon on the right-hand side and click "Download".

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