If you've activated the SMS and Inbound Call Tracking add-on, you'll need to provision a phone number to start using the feature. LeadSimple gives you the option to provision 2 types of numbers.

  1. Agent Numbers: assigned to 1 user, route calls and texts to that user only, can send texts and make outbound calls.
  2. Shared/Marketing Numbers: are typically linked to a particular lead source and route inbound calls to multiple users. Can be used as a shared texting/calling number for processes as well.

We'll learn about provisioning a Marketing Number in this article.


1. Navigate to the Texting & Inbound Calling page in the lefthand sidebar under Settings. Click "Provision Phone Number".

2. Select "Shared Number" by clicking the button below the description, then click "Next".

3. Search for a number by area code and select a number. You'll want a number that's local to your business.

4. Select the lead type new leads should be created in (for inbound calls from new leads), choose the lead source to link the number to (e.g. your website if the number is listed there), and assign it to all the agents you would like calls to be routed to.

(Note that if you plan to use this shared number for your operational processes, you will still need to select a pipeline and lead source. LeadSimple will only create new leads in this pipeline if a new number (a number not currently connected to any leads/clients in LeadSimple) calls this number. However, this will prevent their call from being lost.)

5. Click "Provision Number" to start using your number.

Now leads will be able to call this number and those calls will be routed to all the agents assigned to the number. Each agent will get the call at the same time and the first person to pick up will claim the call and the lead.

Users can also use this shared number to send texts and make outbound calls to leads and clients.

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