What number do people see when I call them?

By default, people will see whatever number you are calling from, the same as if you were calling them directly. That said, you can override the default Caller ID to always display your office number, no matter what phone you are calling from.

You can also use your LeadSimple texting number as the caller ID when making outbound calls. Learn how to provision a texting number here.

Can I customize the caller ID people see when I call them through LeadSimple?

Yes, you can override the default Caller ID people see when you call them and display a different number instead regardless of what phone you are calling from.

How to add a company number to LeadSimple to mask your phone number

Go to the Company page under Settings. Under Phone Numbers click the box "What caller ID do you want to display when calling out through LeadSimple?"

Next, enter the number you want to appear in the caller ID when you call leads and hit 'Verify'.

The system will then call you and ask you to enter a 6 digit code to verify the number.

(Note that this is an automated call, and it will not be able to get through an auto-attendant or phone tree. If you have a phone tree active on your office number, you will need to deactivate it temporarily to allow the call to get through.)

 This code will appear in the verification window.

Once you've successfully entered the code the system will display that number as verified.

Now that your phone number is verified, you will see it as an option in the "Caller ID" dropdown menu when making an outbound call through LeadSimple!

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