If you've activated the SMS and Inbound Call Tracking addon, you'll need to provision a phone number to start sending text messages and tracking inbound calls. LeadSimple gives you two types of numbers to choose from.

  1. Agent Numbers: assigned to 1 user, route calls and texts to that user, can send texts and make outbound calls.
  2. Marketing Numbers: are linked to a particular lead source, route inbound calls to multiple users, cannot be used for outbound calls or text messaging.

We'll learn about provisioning an Agent Number in this article.


1. Navigate to Settings, then Texting & Inbound Calling

2. Click "Provision Phone Number"

3. Select "Agent Number" by clicking the button beneath the number's description, then click "Next".

4. Search for a number by area code and select a number. You'll want a number that's local to your business.

5. Assign the number to a user and select the lead type leads should be created in for new inbound callers (i.e. if a new lead calls your inbound number, LeadSimple will create a new lead from that call in the lead type you select here). 

6. Click "Provision Number" to save the number to your account

You now have a number that can send and receive text messages and receive and track inbound calls. These calls and texts will be routed to the agent(s) assigned to them and recorded on the respective lead record inside LeadSimple.

The phone number table will display the call minutes and text messages for each number. You can filter this data by some preset time frames using the dropdown button on the right hand side of the page.

If you want to generate a number to use for marketing (e.g. on your website, a direct mail campaign, etc...) check out the article on provisioning marketing numbers.

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