Just like with leads, you can merge contacts or properties together. 

This will merge only those types of items in the system. In other words, merging contacts will only merge the contacts; it will not merge their relationships or properties. If you want to merge the relationships, you'll need to do that from the lead list page. 

Example - Merging Contacts
For example, you have two duplicate contacts in the system, but each contact has its own relationship (say, you manage two properties for the same owner). You would like to merge the contacts so the same contact is attached to both leads. When you merge the two contacts, the winning contact (see below) then acquires the relationship(s) of the losing contact, and both relationships appear under the one contact.

Example - Merging Properties
For example, if you manage a property for an owner, and also have a lot of prospective tenant leads for that property in the system, you may have many duplicates of the same property. When you merge all the properties together, you will then be able to see all those relationships in the same place. 

(Note that you must have permission to delete contacts and/or properties to merge them, as merging requires deleting a contact or property.)

Merging Contacts Or Properties

Here's how to merge two contacts together. First, find them both in the contacts table, or search for them using the search bar.

Important! When using the search bar to find the contacts you'd like to merge, make sure that you are selecting contacts, not leads! The leads will likely have the same name as the contacts.

Use the bulk action tool to select both contacts.

Click Merge in the top right corner. You will now choose which contact will be the winning contact. The winner will gain all the loser's info and relationships.

After making your selection, click Merge. There will now be only one contact by that name. Now when we click into this contact, we see both relationships under the same contact.

When we merge two properties together, the winner will be updated and include all info and relationships from the other property or properties.

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