Similar to Lead Type permissions, you can give or restrict access to certain permissions with the new contact and property features. This article will explain those permissions and also how to manage them.

Permissions for Contacts & Properties

Here are the permissions you can give or restrict for each user for contacts:

  • View Contact List

  • View All Contact Activity

  • Delete Contacts

  • Export Contacts

The permissions for properties are as follows. They are very similar to the permissions for contacts and work the same way. 

  • View Properties List

  • Delete Properties

  • Export Properties

View Contact List (or Property List)
This permission allows the user to access and search the Contacts list. They will be able to click into each contact and see their contact info. 

The user will only see the relationships this contact is in if they have permission to the lead type that relationship is in. (In this example, Bruce has access to the Owners lead type, so he can see this relationship for this contact.)

Similarly, because Bruce can only see Owners, he is unable to view the tenant relationship for this property:

While Greg, who works with Tenants, can only see the tenant relationship for this property:

A user with permission to both lead types can see both relationships:

View All Contact Activity (contacts only)

This permission restricts access to contact activity. Without this permission, the user will only be able to see activities that they were a part of on contacts.

For example, without this permission, Bruce can only see activities with this lead that he was a part of. He can then click into the lead to see all the other activities that have happened with this lead.

With the permission to view all contact activity, he can see all activity with this contact on the contact card:

Important! Note that this permission means Bruce can see contact activity with contacts outside of his lead type(s): 

So if your account has lead types for different offices in different geographical areas and you want to restrict user access to contact activity outside their lead type(s), you will want to deselect this permission for each user. The user can still click into the lead to see the rest of the activity for the contact.

Delete/Merge Contacts (or properties)
This permission allows the user to delete contacts entirely as well as merge two or more contacts together. (Note that deleting contacts removes them from all connected leads and relationships.)

Without this permission, the user can still remove contacts from leads, but will not be able to delete them from the system or merge contacts together. (Learn more about merging contacts and properties here.)

Export Contacts (or properties)
This permission allows the user to export contacts; either all contacts or based on a filter, similar to exporting leads.

Managing Permissions

Admins - to view or change the permissions for your users for contacts and properties, click Settings > Users in the left hand sidebar.

Click into the user you need to change the permissions for. In the right sidebar, you'll notice there are now Contacts and Properties below the lead type permissions. 

Click into each to view and change the permissions;:

Click save and the selected permissions will be saved.

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