Tasks instructions are another new workflow feature (we did recently add this feature to the sales side) that allow you to add detailed instructions on to-do steps. Use task instructions to detail or specify what a specific task entails.

You can use task instructions to:

  • Give detailed instructions on how to add an owner or property to your property management software
  • A list of details to collect about a property
  • Include a video to explain how to charge the tenant for repair costs exceeding their security deposit
  • And much more!

To add a task instruction to a task, use the page icon on the right of the task. 

You can add videos, screenshots, and bullet point lists to task instructions. You can even use custom fields to auto-populate inside the task instructions. More on that in another article. 

Once you've added instructions to a step, they will be available on the task that is generated on a process by that step in the workflow. A user with admin privileges can even make a change inline to the instructions inside the process, without having to go back to the settings page.

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