Calling a Lead

LeadSimple automatically tracks the following attributes about each call made to a lead:

  1. Caller - Who called the lead.
  2. Time - When the call happened.
  3. Duration - How long the call lasted for.
  4. Recording - Listen to a recording of the call.

Two Ways To Track Calls

Option 1: Dial Tracked Number

Under the contact info section, each lead contains a tracked phone number in addition to the original phone numbers(s).

You will always dial the same root phone number, which is unique to your company account, when calling any lead. There's an extension behind the main number that is unique to each lead. John Smith is ext. 100, John Doe is ext. 101, etc.

It's a good idea to program your companies unique LeadSimple phone number into you're phone under the contact name LeadSimple.

Option 2: Click to Call

The fastest way to call a lead is to use click to call. There are two ways to do this:

Click 'Make Call' - This will call you on all of your phones listed in your profile. When you pick up it will ask you to press 1 to call the lead.

Click the original number - If you click on the original phone number listed under the contact info section, the system will ask you to indicate which number you would like to be called at and then call you.

In either case after the call is completed you will see a record of the call in the lead history.

You can click on 'Listen to Recording' to listen to the call, or click on the cloud icon to download a recording.

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