What is LeadSimple?

New to LeadSimple and want to learn more? Start here.

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New User Overview Training Series

New Users! Start here to get an introduction and overview of LeadSimple!

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Getting Started: CRM & Lead Management

New to CRM and lead management? Start here!

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Getting Started: Operations Workflow Management

New to operational process and workflow management? Start here!

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Getting Started: Inbox & Communication Management

New to Inbox and shared client communication management? Start here!

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Getting Started: Autopilot

How to get started with property groups, auto-assignment, default due dates & starting stages, and autopilot rules

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Importing, Creating & Distributing Leads

Learn how to import leads into your account, create them manually, and distribute them to your team

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Tracking Calls, Emails, & Texts

Learn how to track all your communications in LeadSimple.

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Managing Email & SMS Templates

Learn how to create, manage and use templates and enhance them with embedded videos

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Building Sales and Operational Processes

Learn everything about setting up and automating a sales process or operational process in LeadSimple.

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Managing Processes Day-to-Day

Learn what you need to run operational processes day to day

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Managing Users and Teams

Learn how to set up and manage a team within LeadSimple.

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Tasks & Task Management

Learn the ins and outs of tasks and how to manage your task list

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Referral Tracking & Marketing

Use LeadSimple to market and track referral sources

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Reporting & Forecasting

Learn about LeadSimple's reports and how to track the WHAT and WHY of your team's performance.

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Learn how to setup, navigate, and use the brand new Inbox tool!

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Forms & Site Tracking

Learn about LeadSimple Forms, Site Tracking and Engagement Triggers

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Learn about our integrations with AppFolio, Buildium, PropertyWare, Rent Manager, Zapier, MailChimp and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick solutions to the most commonly asked questions and problems.

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Advanced Features

Learn about bulk actions, tags, the duplicate checker, exporting lead data and custom fields

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Contacts & Properties

Learn about Contacts and Properties, what they're useful for and how to manage them

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Basics of Operations

Get an introduction to LeadSimple's Operational Process Management features.

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