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Emailing a Lead Manually or Automatically (One-Off Emails)
Emailing a Lead Manually or Automatically (One-Off Emails)

Learn how to email a lead through LeadSimple, manually or automatically.

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LeadSimple automatically tracks emails you send and receive from leads:

  1. Sender / Recipient - Who sent and received the email.

  2. Transcript - View a copy of the email.

  3. Opens - When the email was opened by the recipient.

  4. Clicks - When the recipient clicked on links contained in the body of the email.

Three Ways To Send Email

  1. In App Email Client

Click on the blue "Email" button on a lead record to open an email compose window.

Additional notes about these fields:

  • From: Auto populated with your email address if you've connected it to LeadSimple.

  • To: Auto populated w/tracked email address; can't be modified.

  • CC/BCC Field: Add multiple emails separated by commas.

  • Use Template: Allows you to insert one of your email templates right into the editor. Read more about email templates.

  • Message: The content of the email.

  • Attachments: Allows you to upload files to the email from your device.

Simply fill out the required fields and click "Send" when you're ready to send the email.

2. Clicking Lead's Email Address

You can also open the email compose window by clicking on the lead's email address in the right-hand sidebar.

The compose window that gets opened will automatically use the tracked email address for the lead so that the email and any responses it generates are all documented in LeadSimple.

3. Send Emails Through Your Email Client
If you want to continue to use your email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) to correspond with leads but still want to track those emails in LeadSimple, we've got you covered. This can be done by connecting your email account to your LeadSimple account. Read more about that here.

Scheduling a Manual or Automatic One-Off Email

To schedule an email to send at a later time (either manually or automatically), click "+ Add Task."

Click on the task type and select "Email."

Attach your desired template. (Note: to schedule an email to send automatically, you must attach a template). See this article if you want to learn how to create a template.

If you want the email to send automatically, check the box next to "Send automatically when due." If you want the email to be sent manually, leave this box unchecked.

Assign the email task to a user. (Note: if the email is automatic, it must be assigned to a user, otherwise LeadSimple won't know who the email should come from).

Set the Due At date and time.

Once you've selected your desired send date/time, click Save.

Now the email task is scheduled for the due date/time you selected! If it's an automatic email, the blue lightning bolt icon will appear.

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