Logging Calls or Emails Manually

Learn how to manually log calls and emails.

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If you use the "Call" and "Email" buttons on a lead, the software will automatically track those activities. But what if a lead called you? That isn't recorded in LeadSimple so it's a great use case for logging a call manually. 

Logging a Call

First, click the "Manual" button on the lead.

This opens the log activity window.

  1. Select the Initiator (the person who made the call; if the lead called you, select the lead's name from the list).

  2. Choose the Activity Type ("Call" in our case).

  3. Choose a Date and Time and Outcome for the call.

  4. Enter a Description for notes about the phone call (e.g. duration, what you talked about, etc...).

Then click "Save" to record the activity in the activity feed. Once the activity is saved you can click on the pencil icon to edit it.

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