Creating a New Lead Manually

Learn how to manually create a lead in LeadSimple.

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Okay, so you may have your sources set up to automatically import leads, but there will be times when you want to add a lead manually. This video and help doc will walk you through how to add a lead and how to edit the details after saving it.

The first step is to click the circle "+" button in the upper right-hand corner of the lead list page:

Or at the top of a lead record page:

Or even from the search page:

This will open the create-lead form. 

Now, you'll be adding one (or more!) contacts and properties to this lead. Let's start with the contact.

Click "Add a contact to this lead" and start typing the contact's name. If the contact is already in the system, it will appear. (This can help avoid adding a duplicate lead.) You can also use the same contact on multiple leads to associate them together.

If the contact did not appear, simply click enter to open the create contact window. From here, you can add the rest of the contact's info:

  • Company name

  • Email address(es)

  • Phone Number(s)

  • Tags (these will be attached to the contact card only, not to the lead. You can add different tags to the lead if you'd like.)

  • Address(es) (If you have the contact's mailing/home/office address. Don't put the property address here.)

Now hit save and the contact card will be saved and attached to the lead:

Now, you'll add a property card to the lead. Just like with the contact, you will first search to see if the property is already in the system. 

(An example of how this is useful is if you are also tracking tenants in LeadSimple and want to apply the property to the tenant, so you can track the owner and the tenant from the property page.)

Adding property info is very similar to adding contact info.

You can add:

  • Address

  • Property Type (choose from the list. If you select a multi-property type, you will later be able to add unit information on each unit.)

  • Tags (these will only apply to the property, not to the lead itself)

  • Unit info (This will display if you did not select a multi-property type)

  • Occupancy

  • Beds/Baths/Sq Ft

  • Estimated Rent

Now, save the property card. To learn more about adding unit info for multi-unit properties, click here.

Now for the rest of the lead's info.

  • Assignee - The user the lead should be assigned to

  • Stage - The sales stage the lead should be put in.

  • Source - Where the lead came from (drop down is pre-populated. You can edit these from your sources page. This help doc has more info on that.

  • Tags - These tags will be applied to the lead.

  • Comments - Important notes about the lead.

Hit "Save" when you are done filling out the info.

If you want the lead go to through the pipeline's notifications and routing instead of being assigned to a particular person, you can trigger the new lead notification from the "Assignee" field.

Editing a Lead

A lead's info can be edited on it's page in the following ways.

Edit Name

Click the name of the lead to edit it.

Edit Assignee

Click on the name of person the lead is assigned to in the top right to assign the lead to a different person.

Edit Other Details

Click on the pencil icon next to the section you want to change.

Upload Attachments

Within the Details section is a link to upload files to the lead record. Common document and image formats are accepted. The file size limit is 10mb.

Deleting a Lead

Click the trash can icon in the upper-right corner of the page and click the "Delete" option. If you don't see the trash can, you don't have permission to delete leads in this lead type.

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