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Automated Lead Distribution (Notifications & Routing)
Automated Lead Distribution (Notifications & Routing)

Learn how to automatically distribute leads to multiple agents and configure notifications for those leads.

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For a comprehensive distribution strategy, view the webinar, "Developing Your Lead Distribution Strategy".

LeadSimple has a very direct connection between follow up and lead assignment. Meaning that unlike other programs that assign leads to agents because it's their turn, or they 'claimed' the lead, LeadSimple is designed to assign leads to the first person that actually calls the lead.

This means that lead notification and lead distribution are usually joined at the hip. If you've set your notification order to contact agent A before agent B, then it's safe to assume that agent A is usually going to respond first and end up being assigned the bulk of the leads because they responded first.

Routing Call Notifications

LeadSimple will automatically call you every time you receive a new lead. The call you receive will provide with you with information about the lead and prompt you to press 1 to initiate a call to the lead.

1. Add Your Agents To The Notification Order

Click the settings icon at the top of the lead list page and select the "Notifications and Routing" option in the left-hand sidebar that appears. 

Next, add agents to the notification order by clicking the "+ Add..." button.

Now select how each agent should be notified.

NOTE: Users cannot appear twice in the same notification order BUT they can be placed in multiple notification groups.

2. Choose Between Simultaneous And Round-Robin Notifications

Simultaneous notifications call all agents in a given row at once, and the first agent to accept the call will have the lead assigned to them. Round-robin notifications will progress from left to right moving through the call order and after every lead it will move the person in the front of the line to the back.

In either case, the system will stop calling people in the group as soon as someone accepts the lead. If two people are called at once and agent A responds a half second before agent B, agent B will hear, "We're sorry, Agent A is already speaking with the prospect."

Avoid confusion over lead assignment
If you've got multiple agents competing for leads, it's best to only send phone and text notifications to reduce the odds of multiple agents calling the lead. Text messages only contain the tracked number, which will alert the agent if the lead is already assigned when dialed and the agent who responds first and has the lead assigned to them will always be sent a lead assignment email notice regardless of whether email notifications are active.

That way you minimize the likelihood of people tripping over each other because the people who didn't get the lead won't be in possession of direct contact information for the lead. The person who accepted the call, or the first person to call the lead after the fact, will have the lead automatically assigned to them and will automatically be emailed a lead assignment confirmation notice that contains the lead's contact information.

3. Choose How Many Groups To Add

You can create multiple notification groups on the notifications and routing page by clicking on the + Row button.

If you have a primary person(s) you want getting contacted about new leads first, and then a secondary or backup person that is only contacted if the initial person(s) aren't available you would set that up like this.

Another example would be if the sales manager doesn't want to respond to leads but DOES want to get notified via email or text any time a leads come in and no one on their team responded to it immediately. To do that the sales manager would add themselves to the last row with only the email and text notifications active.

You could also have your team listed multiple times just to make sure they have every opportunity to respond immediately.

Read the complete guide to understanding different lead distribution methods.

Adjusting Which Notification Types You Receive

If you want to adjust which notifications (call, email, text) you receive, go to Settings.

Click on Notifications & Routing.

Find your name in the routing, and click on the green icons to turn off notifications of that type, or click the blue icon to turn on notifications of that type.

If the button is green, you'll receive a notification of that type. If the icon is blue, the notification is off. For example, in the above screenshot, Matt will only receive call and email notifications for this pipeline.

Default Lead Assignment

By default, leads that come in and aren't called are left unassigned. This is common for leads that come in on evenings or weekends for example. It is possible to create a default lead assignee rather than leaving them unassigned. Usually this would be a sales manager who will manually assign the leads later.

To accomplish this, select a user under the last row on the notifications and routing page where it says, "If still unclaimed assign to".

Note that this person will still get an email notification when a lead is automatically assigned to them. Pictured below.

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