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Distributing Automatically Imported Leads To Users By Lead Type
Distributing Automatically Imported Leads To Users By Lead Type

Learn how to distribute leads to different users based on the kind of lead.

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Do you have different types of leads that need to get sent to different teams? For example,

  • Owners vs. Tenants

  • Buyers vs. Sellers

Here's how to do that.

DEFINITION: Lead types are just categories or buckets you can use to track different kinds of leads separately. Each lead type has its own sales process, lead sources, team and lead routing settings.

1. Create a New Lead Type

  1. Click "Leads" in the left-hand navigation.

  2. Click the "Add Lead Type" option that appears.

  3. Name the lead type and save it.

2. Add team members to your lead type

Next, click the settings icon in the top of the lead list page of your new lead type and select "Team" from the options in the left sidebar. 

Click the "Add User" button to add invite a user to the lead type. Invite all the users who will be working with these leads.

3. Create New Lead Sources

Now click "Sources" in the settings navigation and add all the sources these leads will be coming from.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are editing the right lead type. You should see the name of the lead type in a dropdown in the upper-left corner of the page.

3b. Import leads from your sources

Now you'll want to point your lead sources at your new lead type so they import into that lead type. (If you need a crash course on importing leads, read this article).

In short, you'll need to click the lead source you want to import from, copy the unique email address for that source and send it to your lead provider, asking them to start sending leads to it. To find this email, click on the lead source, check the box that says "Automatically import leads via email", click "Next" and copy the email address that appears.

You can also send instructions to your lead provider by inputting their email in the "Webmaster Email" field. This works best in the case of a lead source like your website where someone else manages it and you aren't able to control where leads go yourself.

4. Create a New Notification Order

Go to the "Notifications & Routing" settings for that lead type (in the left navigation) and select who you want notified when new leads of this lead type come in.

Important Note

Your lead provider may only allow you to send leads to one email address, in which case you should ideally keep your personal email on file with the lead provider and instead set up a forwarding rule to forward leads into LeadSimple. 

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