Automated Email Drip Campaigns

Learn how to create automated drip campaigns to market to cold leads or current clients.

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Email automation can be used to create email drip campaigns as well as email auto-responders and the like. Simply create a series of email steps in a workflow, attach templates to them, set them to send automatically and add a delay to each step.

Create Email Steps

Click the "Email" button to add email steps to the workflow. Add as many email steps as you're planning to use in the workflow.

Create Email Templates for each step

Next, you'll need to create email templates for your drip campaign. This can be done on the email templates page in your lead type settings. In this example, we'll create templates for an educational course on hiring a property manager.ย 

NOTE: Email if you want a copy of these templates and this drip campaign in your account.

Attaching Email or SMS templates to a Workflow step

Go to one of the email or SMS steps in a given workflow and click on the paper clip icon to the right of the description.

You can search for and select a template that already exists or create a new one.

Add Delays between Emails

Add delays between emails to make the emails send out over a certain period of time, and make sure one doesn't get sent out immediately after the previous one.

Set it to send Automatically

Select whether or not to send out the template automatically when the workflow task becomes due by checking the lightning icon (it will be colored blue if automatic, grey if manual; the step icon will also have a blue background color). If selected, the workflow step will be completed automatically once the email or text message is sent out.

The email will be sent out on behalf of the agent assigned to the lead when the workflow task comes due. Alternatively, you could assign it to a single user all the time even if the user isn't assigned to the lead. Read this article for more details. The assigned agent's email signature will automatically be appended to the end of the email template.

If an email workflow task that is set to auto-send is manually completed prior to the due date, the email will NOT be automatically sent out.

Using your Drip Campaign

When you're done, you'll be able to simply put a lead in the "Education" stage and walk away. Provided the lead has an email address, the emails will send out automatically, one after the other based on the delays you've set up.

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