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Assign Workflow Tasks

Learn how to assign individual workflow tasks to specific agents

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Sometimes a specific agent is assigned to do the same task at each new property you acquire, regardless of who managed the deal up to that point. For example, one agent might be the one who worked and closed the deal but a different agent will actually drive to the property and get it ready for renting. LeadSimple allows you to assign individual workflow tasks to specific agents so they always get reminded to do those tasks.

By default, workflow steps are assigned to the user who is assigned to that lead. But if you have a workflow task that you want a specific user to do no matter who the lead is assigned to, you can assign that task to them by clicking the user icon on a workflow step.

Select a user from the dropdown in the window that appears.

Going forward, that user will always be assigned to complete that step in the workflow even when they aren't assigned to a lead.

That task will also appear on their task list.

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