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Adding a LeadSimple phone number for multiple users (Shared Number)
Adding a LeadSimple phone number for multiple users (Shared Number)

Learn how to generate, route and use a phone number specifically for marketing and sales calls.

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If you've activated the SMS and Inbound Call Tracking add-on, you'll need to provision a phone number to start using the feature. LeadSimple gives you the option to provision two types of numbers.

  1. Agent Numbers: assigned to 1 user, route calls and texts to that user only, can send texts and make outbound calls.

  2. Shared/Marketing Numbers: are typically linked to a particular lead source and route inbound calls to multiple users. Can be used as a shared texting/calling number for processes as well.

We'll learn about provisioning a Marketing Number in this article.


1. Navigate to the Texting & Inbound Calling page in the lefthand sidebar under Settings. Click "Provision Phone Number".

2. Select "Shared Number" by clicking the button below the description, then click "Next"

3. Search for a number by area code and select a number. You'll want a number that's local to your business.

(Note that sometimes you won't find available numbers for your area code, a workaround is to instead add an area code for a nearby area)
4. Select the lead type new leads should be created in (for inbound calls from new leads), choose the lead source* to link the number to (e.g. your website if the number is listed there), and assign it to all the agents you would like calls to be routed to.

*You must choose a lead source to provision the shared number. For questions on how to add a source to a pipeline, check out this article.

(Note that if you plan to use this shared number for your operational processes, you will still need to select a pipeline and lead source. LeadSimple will only create new leads in this pipeline if a new number (a number not currently connected to any leads/clients in LeadSimple) calls this number. However, this will prevent their call from being lost.)

Configuring a Shared Number

5. Click "Provision Number" to start using your number.

Now leads will be able to call this number and those calls will be routed to all the agents assigned to the number. Each agent will get the call at the same time and the first person to pick up will claim the call and the lead.

Users can also use this shared number to send texts and make outbound calls to leads and clients.

Note: If a lead or client responds to a text from a shared number, their reply will go to the inboxes of ALL the assignees of a shared number.

Create Callers in a Certain Stage

When you provisioned your shared number, you selected a lead source to create unidentified callers in (leads that call your shared number). If you want these leads to get created in a certain stage of your pipeline, here's how to do it!

  1. Head to your pipeline settings.

  2. Click on Sources.

  3. Select the source your provisioned number is attached to (for this example, we'll say All Property Management).

  4. Click on "Stage to create leads in."

  5. Select the stage you'd like leads to be created in (for example, we'll select "Discovery Call Completed").

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Finish.

Now unidentified leads who call your shared number will be created in this pipeline in the "Discovery Call Completed" stage you specified in your source!


Why Aren't New Leads Being Created When I Place a Test Call?

If you want to make test calls with your new number, be sure to call your LeadSimple number with a phone number that is not on a user's profile in LeadSimple or exists on a contact in your account already, as no new lead will be created in your account if either of these are true.

You can see if this number is on any user's profile by having all users ensure the phone number isn't here.

You can confirm this number isn't on any contacts or leads in your account already by searching for it without spaces.

If the phone number you're calling from is not on any of your LeadSimple user profiles and is not associated with a lead or contact already in the account, but no new lead is being created, please chat us or email us at and we'll be happy to investigate!

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