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Make Calls from Local Area Code

Learn how to make calls appear like their coming from the lead's local area code

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Some property management companies run several offices in different states or provinces. The company might have a central call center and sales team to manage calls from current and prospective clients so it's important to make sure you're calling from a number with an area code local to the lead you're calling. For example, if you called a lead who lives in San Diego with a Colorado phone number, the lead might think you're a scam caller and not answer the call. 

You can prevent this from happening using LeadSimple's call modal feature which allows you to choose which number to show as your caller ID.

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is have 2 or more Inbound Numbers assigned to you (read this to learn how to do that). This means you will have multiple numbers to choose to show as your caller ID.

2. To activate the call modal, click the the "Make Call" button or the lead's phone number on their lead record. Note that to use this feature, a user must have 2 or more inbound numbers assigned to them since only those users have different numbers to choose from.

3. The call modal contains 3 drop-downs. One to choose the number to call the lead from, the second to choose the number that will show as your caller ID, and the third is for the lead's contact number.

Now, to continue our example above, you can make it appear as if you're calling from a California phone number when you're actually calling from your central sales office in Denver.

A note about call notifications about new leads:

When a new lead comes in and LeadSimple calls you about the lead, and you press 1 to call the lead right away, LeadSimple first checks to see if you have any LeadSimple phone numbers. If you do, it will use that number as the caller ID the lead will see. If you have multiple, it will choose the number with the area code closest to the lead's area code. If you do not have any LeadSimple numbers, it will use your default company line (if you've added one), and finally fall back on your actual phone number as the caller ID.

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