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Customize Hold Music, Greeting and Voicemail for Inbound Calls
Customize Hold Music, Greeting and Voicemail for Inbound Calls

Learn how to customize the hold music, greeting, and voicemail messages for inbound phone calls

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If you've enabled SMS (text) messaging and inbound call tracking, you're able to receive inbound phone calls through your LeadSimple phone numbers (See this overview article for more details on this addon if you aren't familiar with it).

While LeadSimple's default greeting/voicemail messages are great as defaults, customizing them to your company can add a nice touch. That's why we allow you to record and insert your own. 

Note that this can only be done on a number-by-number basis currently. There are no global message settings for inbound phone numbers.

Step One: Navigate to Settings

First, navigate to the SMS & Inbound Calling page under Settings. Now click the actions icon of the inbound phone number in question and select "Customize Voicemail" from the three options.

This will open a dialog window with three recordings.

  1. Initial greeting (by default it says "This call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes"). 

  2. Voicemail message (by default it says "Hello. Please leave your message after the tone").

  3. Ring tone or Wait music (by default it's just a regular ringing sound).

Step Two: Record and Upload

Next, select the message you want to replace. There are two ways to replace the recording.

  • Record and upload via phone call (EASIEST WAY): Click the "Call <name> For Recording" button and follow the prompts to select the message you want to record, record it, confirm and save. This is by far the simplest way to customize the message. Note that there is a pause between when you record your message and when the prompt appears to save your recording. Please stay on the line and wait, or your voicemail won't be saved.

    The prompts will sound something like this:

    Click "Call <name> for Recording". The phone you have connected to LeadSimple will ring. Answer the call.

    Press 1 for greeting or 2 for voicemail.

    As soon as the beep sounds, start recording. When you're done, it will play your recording. There may be a gap between the recording and playback, please hold and stay on the line.

    The robo voice will then say "To save your recording, press 1". Press 1 to save or press 2 to record again.

    After you press 1, the voice will say "your recording has been saved."

    And you should be set! Refresh the Inbound Calling and Texting page, navigate to your recording and the updated recording should play for you.

  • Manually record and upload: Use this free MP3 recorder to record your greeting, then download it. Once you've recorded it, test the file playback on your Mac or PC to ensure the file isn't corrupted (this is an important step, as a corrupted file can cause calls to your LeadSimple inbound numbers to fail). Make sure the file is 2mb in size or less and upload it to LeadSimple by clicking the "Customize" button in the dialog, selecting the file and clicking "Upload".

Once you've recorded and uploaded the desired messages, leads will immediately begin hearing them at the appropriate times when they call the inbound phone number you edited.

Increase or Decrease Call Hold Time

By default, the wait tone is a ring and it will last for 30 seconds, plus 5 seconds for the message that says the call may be recorded.

If you want to shorten the time callers are placed on hold before going to voicemail, you can upload shorter hold music. Conversely, if you want to lengthen the hold time, you can upload longer hold music (up to 1 minute). The length of the hold time will match the length of the music.

This site has great hold music options. The free download has an occasional "watermark" sound to it, which you can avoid by paying for the download.

If you have any more questions about this, please reach out via chat or email us at and we'll be happy to answer them!

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