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Connecting Your Email Account To Track Emails in LeadSimple
Connecting Your Email Account To Track Emails in LeadSimple

Learn how to connect your email account to track your emails in LeadSimple.

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You can connect LeadSimple with your Gmail, Outlook, or any other email provider's account. This will allow you to send emails to leads and have those emails imported into that lead's record in LeadSimple without having to send emails to that lead's tracked email address.

Note that you must send emails to the same email address that's listed in the lead's contact information in order for it to import into LeadSimple.

Connecting Your Email
First, go to your profile page by clicking your name in the top left.

Scroll down to Direct email and click the plus sign icon.

Enter your email and click "Connect".

A new window will pop up on your browser where you can log in to your email account and follow the instructions from there. (Note: You'll need to check all the boxes on the permissions section to allow LeadSimple to connect fully with your email provider).

There you go! Once your email account is connected, all emails that have already been sent to leads in LeadSimple using your email client will be imported into the system and will appear in each lead's activity.


  • If connecting with Exchange and you get "Incorrect Password" when you type your email password, you need an app-specific password for LeadSimple. Contact the admin on your email account or your IT department to get that password.

  • If you receive an error when trying to connect your email - simply log out of LeadSimple and log back in - and then you’ll be able to connect your email.

The instructions shown above show you how to connect your direct email and can apply to shared inboxes too, however, there are a few differences. For additional information on shared inboxes, you can reference this help article.

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